5 Timeless Ways To Increase Conversions
We all are consumer first and seller next, so it’s ideal to step into your customer’s shoes and give direction to the conversion strategy of your business.

Most times when you ask business owners their business goal, we receive a standard answer.

It’s none other than #Increasingconversionrates 

Although crucial, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

So to make it easier and cut down the extra effort let’s dive into our list of 5 solid conversion strategies to help your business convert new visitors and help you make money on the go.

  • Conduct A/B Testing for various elements before Deployment

The best possible way to know what works for your website and avoid risk is to continually keep testing. This calls for the need to put  on your creative hats and explore alternative creative opportunities. Starting from minute elements such as colour, font size to major deciding factors such as Headline, CTA format and layout- Testing can help you settle for the best-performing edition which can positively impact your calculated conversion rates.

  • Have an appealing Call-to-action (CTA) 

The Call-to-action copy makes all the difference. Having a common signal won’t irk the interest of your visitors to take the next, most crucial step. Spending an extra few minutes can give the much needed competitive edge to your website. The CTA should be highlighted across your website, most importantly on your landing page so that it is anytime available for the desired action. Additionally, you can use the word ‘yes’ which has a verified positive psychological influence to bring desired results.

  • Prioritize the initial trust-building process

As the saying goes, the first impression is the last. So, from the very first moment, they land on your website they must see aspects that build their trust for the business. The very first to target should be to provide customer reviews and testimonials about your products or services which firmly establish your credibility. Additionally, you can use conversion improving tactics are - having the logo of well-known brand collaborations, verifying the accuracy of published information, highlighting the members of the internal team and employees, have an easy approach for free communication, eliminating unnecessary promotional content or spam links and most importantly regularly updating your website can shape your customer-business relationship and increase conversion by manifolds.

  • Improve the loading time of your pages

It is a well-known fact that pages that test the patience of their incoming audience are often abandoned and lead to a negative generalization for this mere factor. Research suggests that anything that goes beyond 4 seconds is a major turn-off, hence it’s important to pay special attention to page speed and crunch to the shortest possible time to increase conversion rates. It’s advisable to work on eliminating large pictures and keep the content compressed to cut down on bounce rates.

  • Perform Competitor Analysis

Every customer who steps in to buy a product does his homework well and makes a fair comparison of all the available options in the market. It is crucial to use this aspect in your favour- You can stay a step ahead by highlighting your strengths over the weaknesses of your competitor. This could be your best chance to use your USP conversion strategy to hit the goal with XERPA that does you part of work to keep you ahead in business. If you are keen on learning, make a move to www.xerpa.cloud without any delay.

We all are consumer first and seller next, so it’s ideal to step into your customer’s shoes and give direction to the conversion strategy of your business. 

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