Drive More E-commerce Sales With Live Chat
According to research, customers who engage in live chats with a business are 2.8 times more likely to purchase.

Small e-commerce founders know how important it is to try and turn every short-term visitor into a long-term customer. You would already know how to treat your customers to make them feel like a VIP using small gestures and personal touches like, greeting at the door, expert opinions whenever they require it, while at your store, and so on.

To expand your business online as well you can deliver these similar personal touches online, like using a real-time communication feature like live chat. According to research, customers who engage in live chats with a business are 2.8 times more likely to purchase.

Now let us discuss the wonderful ways in which you can use live chat to increase your e-commerce sales.

1.     Educate chat agents about your products: When a customer contacts your online business through live chat, he or she wants to be guided with a complete overview of the products you sell or the services you provide. Be honest with your customer regarding the details of your products or services. Hire a high-quality professional who can convince the customer to complete their purchase of your product. Thus, for the live chat agents, having good knowledge about your product is very important to convince your potential customers to complete their purchase.

2.     Quick Help: As easy it is to find customers online, impressing them with your products is equally difficult.  Online customers are desperate to find everything, good or bad before they consider investing in a product. But they are always in a hurry. They google the product, visit several websites and drop each of them a message. The one reverting quickly, with all the help they need, is the one they buy the product from. So always remember to be available 24/7 and to be quick.

3.     Choose Quality over Quantity: Being a small business owner, it’s not just that you have less time at hand, it’s your mental energy that is draining out too. You’ll be of more help to your business by providing outstanding service to that one potential visitor than by giving one-word responses to twelve.

4.     Use Advance live chat features: Using designs and modifying your life with advanced features to make the users know a real person is behind the chat window, is a great way to attract customers and to convince them to buy your products.

For a better understanding of the live chat customization and features, I recommend you XERPA. With XERPA you will find the right set of customized tools to step up your business. Check out their website for more features at . At XERPA they also guide you about the tools that can be used to enhance and customise your business.  

Live chat can be a fascinating experience for a user but it all depends on the response of your live chat agent. An improved user experience can bring you qualified leads, but transforming them into sales lies in the hands of the agent. Start with professional training of the sales and support team. Provide them with a complete overview of the products, services, and company policies, which will be necessary for solving customer queries. And, then focus on modifying the design and layout, and add advanced features to the live chat service

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